Saturday, September 17, 2011

I've stopped blogging for nearly a year and the thought of writing again suddenly came rushing all over me.

I guess I should start writing again. Leaving random thoughts, writing things I feel like pouring out to the world, I'll make it a must for me. :) I'll make it a must despite how busy I am. I promise to blog about something everyday. So here I am pouring out something I've been having in my mind for quite some time. By letting this out, I guess it'll make me feel good eventually.

I'd realised that I've been chasing after things, you name it, love, friendship and what not. Life seems kind of lifeless without all these elements. Guess what? I've kinda let this go a couple of days ago when a random thought hits me, I've decided that I don't need all those when I can find them all in God. Happiness and love will find their way to you, there's no need for u to go digging n searching for them. When the right time comes, it'll come knocking on your door. It'll never be now, but it'll never be never. ;) Well, I've been dealing with people who treat me like a toy. When they want you, they come to you and when they don't they leave you hanging around, feeling all so miserable and yes, you wouldn't know how to respond to such situation.

This, seriously made me felt like crap. I'm a normal being and I don't deserve to be treated like this. And guess what, I don't give a cake about that person anymore though there are times when I feel like I shouldn't just let it go just because I've wasted so much time hoping and wanting to make things right. But it doesn't feel right, not after the cold treatment I've been getting from that particular person. I've decided to forget about everything.

Rushing into something, wanting to have someone in your life because you feel like a loner without someone. Well, it happens and trust me it's okay to feel like this. You're not alone. =) Seeing people and seeing your friends with someone special in their lives makes you feel a little lonely, isn't it? I tell you this, It's okay to feel lonely. I personally believe that to wait is better than to rush into something whilst you end up getting into a shitty-position because that person u're with is not the right person. :)

And one more thing, people have been calling me gay, lezza and all the nonsense for quite some time. Well, it's quite offending seriously. I am absolutely straight. I just love being myself and if u can't accept it, it's your problem not mine. Just because I've screwed up in the past, got along with the wrong person and he ended up screwing it all up, that doesn't make me gay. Just because I'm with noone right now, that doesn't make me gay.

Just because I used to have someone as close to me as a sister, that doesn't make me gay. She is my sister and yes I still love her and look up to her. So please, stop judging and keep that to yourself. Stop being all so nosy, sticking your nose into other people's business if u cant even take care of ur very own business.

Please, and thank u.

Sorry If I sounded a little harsh but it's the truth to be told. If you're going to keep following and reading this blog of mine, I got to be truthful about myself first. :D so yeah.

When I have the time and money, I'll start investing on girlie clothes, I will really. So please stop calling me things I don't wish to hear alright? I guess it doesn't matter what I wear right now, or does it really matter? Clothing is just a material thing. If someone loves you for your looks, for ur clothing, I'll say that's really sad. What's the point of putting nice clothing on, putting pretty makeups on your face when deep down u're full of !@#$% if u get what i mean. So please, stop judging. It hurts when people start saying things like "Why are you always like this?' 'Why don't you put on dresses n start wearing skirts?' 'That will stop people from thinking that you're not straight?' Is there such a theory? I mean really? -_-

Oh well. I'm comfortable with what I am right now. If people have a problem with that, I'll just ignore it and do what I do best in life with a condition, if God is totally happy with what I am now, then it'll be fine. If he's not and if I think I've been wasting my time on something that doesn't worth my time, I got to stop and start doing what God wants me to do. =)

All I care about is doing the right thing and being the right person in His eyes. That is all that matters.

This is real this is me.

And yesI'm officially back to the blogging word.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi bloggie!

Dear Bloggie,

I'm kinda busy with my finals for now.
Can u believe that I had an awesome Christmas this year celebrating it with my Macroeconomics' books? =(
It's pathetic, isn't it?

Anyhow, it was fun. Christmas is not all about celebrating it with people, being happy and all yappy receiving presents, seeing santa with his big-phat-huge-red bag filled with prezzies. Christmas isn't about reindeers, snowman, snow, turkey, chicken,monkey,dog, cat, frog, crab, nutcracker etc.
It's not all about that.

The whole truth is this, Christmas is all about Jesus.
Mary gave birth to Jesus on this very day and that was what made this very day special.
If Jesus weren't born into this world.. We'll still remain as sinners.
We'll be hopeless, loveless and faithless creatures on this Earth.


so Yeah!!!
Happy Belated Christmas to all the faithful readers out there.
Sorry for not blogging.
Heh~ Tat's all from me now.

.This is my awesome-looking-face for the year.

Baby, I knw.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My sincere apology

I have this very burden in my heart right after doing my devotion.
I just want to apologise sincerely to everyone as in EVERYONE.
So i'm going to blog about this.
See the picture up there?
I'll relate a few points in the picture with what I'm about to blog now.

That very picture appeared in my devotion and guess what?
I realise that I haven't been doing the right thing for the past few months and years.

p/s: to whoever who're/who'll be reading this.
U know who you are..

Truly, we as human we do screw things up in life, don't we?
I did, honestly, I did.
I hurt ppl many times, be it intentionally or not but I did and I felt horrible.
I sincerely apologise if I've ever hurt your feelings or wasted ur time.
I'm being very general here.
I'm refering to everyone, friends who used to and is close to me.

I sincerely apologise for whatever things I've done/ said in the past.
I know I can never take it back.
Be it my actions, be it my speeches, be it anything.
Whatsoever things I've said and done I can't take it back but I know I can do something about it
if I choose to.
Honestly, I hate myself for wasting ppl's time and hurting others.
I don't intend to do so.
I'm really really sorry if I did.
truly, I am.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

Me and my heart we've got issues.

I'm a little here and there. Let's just say I'm a little bit all over the places, not being able to tell myself that i'm officialy STABLE. I'm emotionally, spiritually and pysically unstable and erm it's a lilttle crappy.
I've stopped blogging since ages ago, i knw~ An undeniable fact that i did abandon my blog -like months ago?.
I'm struggling with 'only God knows how it feels like to be me' issue.
Tiny bits of here and there which sums up to this crappy-indescribable-feeling.

I kinda get it, it's a mixture of everything.

Well, I started off with college in May, and I can say that everything was smooth.
I know He's with me all the time and I'm so in love with Him.
But there are times I just feel like life is so meaningless, it's as if im chasing after the wind.

1 Corinthians 9:26- NLT
So I run with purpose in every step,
I am not just shawdow-boxing.

this verse assured me that I'm not running and doing things that are purposeless in life.
I have a purpose in life and God has a future and a plan for me.

as stated in Jeremiah 29: 11,
For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord
plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans for hope and a future.

Everything was clearly stated and I fully understood it but there are times where I'm lost somewhere in the middle of something and everything seems so blurry and this very crappy-feeling i've been struggling with will eventually take control of me and I don't know what to do.

I haven't been consistent in practically everything I do. I guess that's the root-problem. That's the main reason why I've been so indulged with this crappy feelings for a couple of months. or maybe yrs?

I'm done with my first semester in college, i'm so done with my finals and now i'm on hols and it doesn't feel like I'm relaxing or having a great time of my life. I'm not on holiday-mood i guess?

lol~ to~that

Neways, I'm dealing with an issue I don't fully understand. Nobody knows how it feels like only He knows. I've been talking to Him about it but I guess it's time for me to pull up my socks and tell myself that it's time to be serious. It's a matter of fact that I haven't been serious all this while. I told myself that I will but I didn't.

It's time to put a big full stop to this un-seriousness of mine. I can be serious but it can never last. Again it's time to put a BIG full stop to this inconsistent serious-ness of mine.

i need to change my attitude. Tat's it.

i knw this is really random. But well, my forehead spells random so I'M JUST BEING RANDOM here. lol~
K then tat's all.ta's~

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eve- Reunion Dinner with Fam~

We had our Reunion Dinner at Cheer Palace, Cheras

*The restaurant*

The salmon "lou-sang" was superb!
.Everything was superb.

We often eat here but it's unexpected that the food for CNY itself is superb too.
Well, most of us enjoyed the food.
We had fun laughing our hearts out too as Uncle and Mama cracked lots of
lame and funny jokes!


Thanks Cheer Palace for the yummy food!

Oh and btw, the food was supposed to be served at 7.30pm sharp..

But we waited for 2 hrs.. So wut we did was...

We camwhored the whole time while waiting for the food to be served.


Here are the pictures:
*Cousins and my beloved Aunties*

*Me, aunt, Cousin*

*Cousin Sis and me Mama*
This cousin of mine looks exactly like my mum btw.

*Me, Ma and Pap*
Am really glad that ma dad's sickness has recovered a whole lot lately.
Thank u Jesus!
And thank you to everyone too who has been praying for him.

*Me Aunt and her family*

*Cousin Sis, Me*

*Cousin Bro, Me*

*Me, Me aunt, Me cousin*

*Me aunt, Me Cousin Sis*

*Me Cousin Bro and Cousin Sis*

*Me, and Me Cousin Sis*

*Me and both me Cousin Sistahs*


Since this year is the year of Tiger
so this is what we did

we've got tiger's claws ya knw!!


Well Peps, I'll be off to Penang tmr at 6am for 2 days
Will update on Penang soon when I'm back ayte?
Happy Chinese New Year to all of you yeah!
Have fun!
See ya~!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Amazing voice ~ ♥

Charice Pempengco, a Philippino.
It mesmerizes me till the core when I watch all her videos.
I just can't possibly imagine that there's someone outside there who is so talented.
It's way beyond imagination..
She's seriously God's gift sent from Heaven.
Watching her is like watching an angel singing..
I'm so proud to be an Asian.


I'll be uploading a few videos here.. do watch it.
Trust me u'll want to watch more of her videos..
Absolutely amazing and fantastic!
Her voice is undescribable.
No words can describe how talented she is..
I'm just so amazed by her voice..

How can someone be so good? I just can't find ways to believe it..
This is so scary.
Well, what I really like about her is this...
She's fierce and furious! Rawr!!
This sums up to her brilliant-ness plus amazing-ness.
Truly, it's...

In this vid, Charice and Hyu Kyun (from SuperJunior)
when she was 12.

Gosh! A twelve years old?!!

No words can describe how superb she is..


I just love her!

haha~ =D

K tat's all!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Healthy-Rob and some random-ness

Rob is getting fluffier and healthier each day!

I'm in love with him even more !


He was so tiny in tis pic.. look at how thin he used to be.

Bathing time ! xD

And here's ma male pig I used to call Erza. cuz i tot it was a female. LOL

Aunt snapped a picture of a dog sleeping on a car..





heh~ k tat's all.. it's real random i knw.. I'm bored!


k byes~